Tobots X, Y, Z, W, and Titan – Printable coloring pages for boys

Tobots are popular heroes of a South Korean animated television series. The boys are crazy about them.

Here you will find the best coloring pages of Tobots:

Just print pictures of Tobots to color!

Tobot X Coloring pages

Tobot X is an orange Kia Soul. But he can upgrade into Tobot Great X. His colors are blue and red.

The strengths of Tobot X are physical strength and restraint. His main skill is power smash. 

You can download, print and color Tobot X for Free.

Tobot Y Coloring pages

Tobot Y is a blue Kia K3/Forte/Cerato Koup. He is  the faster of the Tobots. Tobot Y speaks very quickly. His strength is high speed. The main skill of Tobot Y is Thunderbolt.

Just download and print our coloring pages of Tobot Y for Free.

Tobot Z Coloring pages

Tobot Z is a red Kia Sportage R. Using his advantages as an SUV, he has excellent maneuverability. Tobot Z can climb walls or ceiling, activating Spider mode.

The main skill of Tobot Z is the Spider Yo-Yo.

Just print coloring sheets of Tobot Z for your kids.

Tobot W Coloring pages

The first flying Tobot is Tobot W. He is a white and purple Kia Ray. The basic attack equipment of Tobot W is the Ice Gun.

Your children will enjoy coloring the Tobot W!

Tobot Titan Coloring pages

Tobot Titan is a combination of Tobot X and Tobot Y. He has the strength of Tobot X and speed of Tobot Y. Colors of Tobot Titan are orange, blue, white and red.

Download and print our coloring pages of Tobot Titan for Free.

Humans: boys and Diluk

Your children will also like coloring Ryan (the partner of Tobot X), Dylan (the partner of Tobot Z), Nathan (the partner of Tobot W), and Diluk.

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