Trolls Coloring Book Print Free

Coloring trolls print

A selection of high-quality pictures of Trolls for coloring – girls will definitely like it!


Poppy – a cute and cool Troll! The cheerful and naive daughter of the king of the Trolls. Coloring Poppy print:


Troll Boy, but very cowardly – afraid of Bergenov. Forever dissatisfied creature. Did you know that in the cartoon he was voiced by Dima Bilan? 🙂

Mandy Sparkledust

Repairing and inventing everything – a jack of all trades.


Great guy. Always positive and ready to help. The best troll and favorite.

Satin and Chenille

Stylish little things and fashionistas. They love to show off and dress up. Trolls coloring Satin and Chenille:

When describing the characters used information from the site

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