Ninjago Coloring Pages Lego Ninja Go – a selection of pictures

Ninja Go is a series of Lego toys on which the animated series was shot (currently 10 seasons already). Ninja Go is aimed at boys from 5-6 years old – they watch cartoons with amusement, play toys and paint the coloring of the Ninja GO.

I collected the best pictures for coloring Ninja Go in a4 format – just download and print for free.

Lego Ninja coloring pages print:

Ninjago Coloring Pages

A selection of pictures for coloring Lego NinjaGo. Great heroes, you can print and colorize!


Kai is a fiery ninja. His weapon is a fiery whirlwind. Red color to his face. Download and print pictures of Lego Ninjago Kaya:


Jay is the fastest ninja. Its dignity is speed like lightning. The original Jay is dark blue. Print and start coloring Jay:

Lloyd - Green Ninja

Lloyd has the power of a golden ninja. Two swords, a short cloak and a black hood – start decorating right now:

Masters of Spinjitzu

A selection of Spinjitzu Masters – just download the pictures and start coloring:


Lego Ninja Go Movie coloring page – print for free on our website:


The most formidable team of pirates of Jinn Nadakhan are scary and aggressive heroes. Pictures in A4 format:

Zane - White Ninja

Titanium Ninja is a master of cold, ice and freezing. He will always come to the rescue. Print Ninjago Zane coloring page:

Cole - Black Ninja

Master of the earth. His weapon is a hammer and a scythe. Element Earth. Ninjago Cole Coloring Pages:


Creations of the world They are Masters of creation. Ninja coloring pages:

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