Paw Patrol Coloring Book Print Free A4

Paw Patrol is a favorite children’s animated series. Brave puppies led by Ryder rush to the rescue and are always ready to respond and help those who are in trouble. We’ve collected the best Paw Patrol coloring pages for kids – download and print in good quality in A4 it’s free

For your convenience, we have broken all the coloring pictures by the main characters of the cartoon:

Paw Patrol Team

Paw Patrol Chase coloring page

A police puppy, of course, a German shepherd. He has a blue police uniform and a robotic backpack with a loudspeaker, a flashlight and a cannon with a net. He has a big police car with a winch and a hook.

Download and print Chase coloring pages for free:

Paw Patrol Marshall coloring page

Cheerful spotted dalmatian. Puppy fireman on a red fire engine – will always come to the rescue. Download Marshall coloring page:

Zuma Paw Patrol coloring page

Chocolate Labrador – the main lifeguard on the water. She loves all water adventures – diving and surfing. His transport is an orange boat that can turn into a submarine.

Download and start coloring Zuma for free:

Paw Patrol Skye coloring pages

The girl in the puppy team is a cute English spaniel. Pilot and aviator – she has flying glasses, a jetpack and a pink helicopter. Print Skye and start coloring for free:

Paw Patrol Rubble coloring page

Cute English bulldog – the main construction site. He has a powerful yellow bulldozer and a yellow building suit, in his backpack – a bucket and a puncher. Print the coloring of Rubble:

Paw Patrol Everest coloring page

The girl – the blue-eyed Husky – appears in the second season. Mountain rescuer – not afraid of frost, rides a snowmobile and has a jet snowboard in her backpack! Colorize Everest Now:

Paw Patrol Tracker

Jungle lifeguard – he has a backpack with ropes and hiking gear that drives a great jeep.

Download and colorize the Tracker:

Paw Patrol Rocky coloring page

Puppy of unknown breed – the main repair and garbage. He has a green garbage truck and a bunch of tools for every occasion. Download and colorize Rocky:

Paw Patrol Ryder coloring page

The boy – the patrol commander sets them tasks and constructs all the devices for them.

Print Ryder Coloring Pages:

Paw Patrol Badges

Download the Paw patrol badge and puppy badges:

Paw Patrol Base

The base is a place where puppies gather, live and have fun – a convenient place and their main command center!

Paw Patrol by Number coloring page

Children love coloring by numbers and numbers – to draw a character, and then paint it. Download puppy patrol coloring by numbers:

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