Transformers robots Coloring for boys

Transformers robots – a great toy for children. This is an animated series, and comics and a series of films.

Boys from 5-7 years old love cars and transformations and enjoy playing Transformers toys, watching cartoons and coloring books.

For convenience, we divided all the coloring of Transformer Robots into sections:

Also on separate page of the site you will find pictures for Coloring with your favorite Heroes:

Transformers Robots coloring pages - large selection

Transformers coloring pages – just download and color it for free:

Transformers: The Last Knight

The Last Knight is a feature film based on the Transformers story. Older children are happy to watch it and will enthusiastically paint pictures with the heroes of their favorite movie:

Megatron coloring page

The main villain of the series. The head of the Decepticons is the main enemy of Optimus Prime. Some boys will love to paint villains – just download and print in A4 format:

Robots in Disguise - Transformers Coloring

The animated series about Transformers is a continuation of the story you like. This time, the heroes will face the battle with Megatronus. Print free transformers coloring pages:

Transformers: Rescue Bots Coloring Pages

Rescue Bots is another animated series based on Transformers. The story of the newcomers to transformers – 4 Autobots recently arrived on the planet. Free download and print the coloring in A4 format:

Transformers Dinobots Coloring

Dinobots – Robots are dinosaurs. Autobots that take part in some comics and the Transformers series. Download Dinobot Coloring Pages and color for free:


The main dinobot and the strongest. Transforms into a green excavator. Download Grimlock Coloring Book:


Autobot doctor. Ready to help the victims. Download Ratchet Coloring Pages for free:

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